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Training "Made in Germany" - we combine competence and fun

Based on the German Classical Principles of Riding, Equestrian Globe offers equestrian education and training for riders, horses, coaches, grooms, veterinaries, and farriers in China AND Germany. We provide guidance and training in all equine matters from the basics to the highest level. Equestrian Globe’s affiliated trainers are all certified through the German Equestrian Federation and have extensive coaching experience all the way to Olympic level. Throughout all training, Equestrian Globe promotes the best standards and practices in riding, training, safety and horse care. 
German certificate courses with their exams to obtain certificates such as the German Performance Medals 10-2, the German Trainer Certificate (Trainer C, B, A) or the Equine Management Certificate can be arranged in China or Germany, in Chinese, English or German language. 
Please contact Equestrian Globe for more information about our education and training services. You can find the resepctive contact person here: Team.